20 years of experience support us


Anyway 3D designs and builds custom solutions for all types of organizations.

Our teams work adjusting the process to our clients. Applying current principles of technology and HR the best results are obtained.


We cover all the needs of the area of technology.

From simple support to custom application development. We bring to our clients the technology, we value how the IoT can help them, we design together all the technology of your company in a scalable way, so that it can be adapted to your budget year after year.

We want to not only help you get started, but accompany you on the way and show year after year as the technology changes and can continue to help grow.


The growth of any organization is based on the development of people and an experienced department of RRHH.

We develop customized projects thinking about each of the needs.


We take care of the IT and Cloud infrastructure, finding the best solution for the business, designing and setting up the network, CPD, recommending servers o NAS and establishing the measures of fullfilment of security requirements necessary.

We take business to the cloud, opting for a cloud private, hybrid or public according to your requirements and needs.



We are a team of professionals with More than 20 years of experience in the Technological and Human Resources sector.
You can contact with us to overcome the challenge posed by new technologies and improve the competitiveness of your company day by day.
We distinguish ourselves by creating solutions offer based on the needs of each business. Your satisfaction is our best guarantee for the future.


Anyway3D global presence

Increase the performance and efficiency of your company.


We are a trusted partner for market leading organizations.
We have helped businesses of all sizes in many sectors.


We are experts in ICT.
At anyway3d we are capable of proposing solutions to any consulting need that our clients may have. We value all types of both SW and HW solutions to find the one that best suits your need and budget.

They will have all our help to overcome the challenges that arise.


Software development services, maximizing the value we deliver to the client.

Tailor-made solutions: We translate needs into quality and high-performance applications, using the best technology for each case.

Software Maintenance: We offer SW maintenance services (evolutionary, adaptive, perfective and / or corrective).


We offer outsourcing services that allow organizations to improve their performance, by being able to focus on the activities that are specific to their business.

If you need to fully outsource any department, no problem. We are able to fully or partially replace the IT or HR department, providing considerable efficiency and productivity improvement.

HR Consulting

It is human talent that allows organizations to make a difference, therefore, we have the firm conviction that it is strategic to train people with tools that enhance their capabilities and that allow them to develop new skills.

We help you manage the human resources of the company, a key and extremely sensitive issue. From defining procedures to conducting selection processes, group dynamics and performance evaluations, these trainings aim to reinforce this process.

IT and Cloud infrastructure

Study and planning - From the study of the client's needs, we develop a scalable project to implement, update or improve the IT and Cloud infrastructure of your company.

Hardware and software - We advise you on the acquisition of computer equipment and applications necessary to offer IT services to users.

IT Services - We offer you a wide range of solutions, among which we highlight, server virtualization, backup copies, storage management, corporate mail and cloud computing.

Maintenance and management - Finally, we offer you the possibility of managing your IT infrastructure and providing technical support to users both in person and remotely.


Effective support and maintenance team. Computer science, as if it were not.

Telephone, email, remote and even visiting services distinguish us from other providers, offering a global solution to your daily technical problems.

We provide both backfill services to cover the vacations of your support staff, as well as loan of resources indefinitely or due to work peaks.



Our work is based on the satisfaction of our clients.


Efficiency and commitment


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  • Felix Pacheco Gomez

    Professional with more than 20 years of experience in different areas of technology, both at the software and hardware level. Tea …

    Felix pacheco gomez
    CTO / Business Director
  • Cecilia Sanchez Garcia

    I am an expert in human resources with more than 15 years of experience. Special focus on selection of IT profiles. Extensive experience in processes ...

    Cecilia Sanchez-Garcia
    CEO / HR Director
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