IT and Cloud infrastructure

We design and manage your IT infrastructure

Computer networks / communications

We offer a set of network servicesboth wired and wireless to create safe and efficient networks.

  • Network layout: We configure the necessary elements to form the network, adapting availability according to the requirements of the company. The design will be customized based on the name of users and the size of the platform.
  • Segmentation: To prevent the industrial environment from accessing users and vice versa, a segmentation is established, differentiating some networks and others depending on the function of each one.

IT outsourcing services

If you need to hire a punctual service, with flexible payment and at the time that suits you best, this is your service. This is an especially useful resource for companies that prefer to avoid direct hiring of their own IT department.

Advantages from service:

  • Hiring: Presents a greater utility compared to hiring personnel. Hiring external services is faster, more specialized and flexible.
  • Availability: The risk of unavailability and inadequate performance that can occur in direct contracting is avoided.
  • As a measurement system: It allows to measure the service or the levels of execution of the specialist depending on the type of incidents that occur in the process of solving a problem in the shortest possible time. It also allows obtaining monthly indicators that show the usefulness of the service provided.
  • Personnel management, avoiding that the contracting company has to perform the supervision function, since the service provider is in charge of this. In this way, we also get to know how the service works, the availability and measure the quality of the service.
  • Total availability, we eliminate the factor of unavailability due to vacations or any other cause.

We do a study of the jobs to be carried out and present the optimal candidates to carry out these tasks. Before formalizing the contract, we agree with the client the scope of the collaboration, the hours of dedication, the time coverage and all the factors that affect the employment relationship.

Bonded warehouse

We prepare a study to detect and analyze the requirements of each client to offer them a storage plan that suits their needs.

  • Location: Intended for companies that handle a small amount of data.
  • NAS / Data Servers: Indicated for companies that need to store data that takes up a lot of space, such as videos, images or multimedia. In these cases, it is necessary to design an exclusive storage system for the company.
  • Cloud: Storage based on having the information accessible from any point. You can make a private, public or hybrid cloud.

Cloud Services

  • Infrastructure and development services
    Regarding infrastructure services, we work with qualified companies such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service, pioneers in the digital cloud sector. This infrastructure enables the cloud to function.
  • Office automation, messaging and collaborative environment services
    We develop the office automation, messaging and collaborative environments service through Office 365, a Microsoft Office package, which guarantees fast, safe and efficient actions. It is a pack of services ready for consumption, such as email, collaborative portals, cloud storage, environments with project space, schedules or online meetings.
  • Cloud Applications
    They are the new applications, which do not run on a specific computer, but are accessed through a browser and are scalable, with many users. The industry is in the process of migrating from traditional applications to the Cloud, which have other requirements, we can help with this evolution.


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