Direct search IT company in Zaragoza

The client is a company in the IT sector located in Zaragoza with more than 900 professionals and a turnover of more than 40 million euros.


The client with a very specific location at the national level (Zaragoza) considers having support in their Selection area, which provides them with new ways of reaching their objectives.

Your hiring needs are very high and are limited by location. With their resources, they are unable to cover the hiring needs of all their lines.

With this approach, the client seeks to outsource the phases of identification and recruitment of new profiles, which provide them with valid candidates whom they do not know how to reach.



It is proposed to give them an outsourcing of the talent recruitment phase together with the presentation of candidates with an HR interview carried out.

The team will be made up of professionals who are experts in recruiting and selecting technology profiles, given their specialization in this area of ​​the market.

We will work from taking requirements to define each vacancy to presenting interviewed candidates who fit the positions. If additional phases are required after the presentation of candidates, they will be defined in the first month of work.

We will provide KPIs, indicators that will measure the quality of the process.



It will allow the client to increase their recruitment volume; reduce hiring times; optimize selection costs; focus on business strategies.

By working with expert recruitment professionals, the client will reach profiles that are not possible by themselves, improving the incorporation of talent into your company.

We will work with our recruitment sources, which will improve the selection process, innovating their processes and being enriched with new tools.

The client will see their Employer Branding improved.

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